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Taxation Consulting

& Compliance

- Albert Einstein

"The hardest thing to understand is income tax "

MLCS Corporate’s objective is to help clients structure their business and tax affairs to achieve the most favourable tax outcome for their circumstances.

Why MLCS Corporate?

We facilitate the implementation of the relevant tax planning strategies including making sure you are operating under the correct taxation structure(s), which if incorrect could jeopardise eligibility for valuable tax concessions both current and future. MLCS Corporate do this by:

Understanding a client's existing arrangements;

Identifying the challenges faced by clients

Identifying the current tax laws and legislation;

Ensuring compliance with the ATO and relevant statutory provisions;

Liaising with other experts to ensure the optimal outcome is achieved.

Offering A Range of Tax Services

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MLCS Corporate providetax services to:

  • Individuals, partnerships, trusts, superannuation funds, corporations and companies

  • Commercial entities, charities and other not-for-profits


We cover a full range of compliance services to include preparation of tax returns and managing tax payments, as well as tax advice and planning for income taxes, GST, fringe benefits, Payroll tax and stamp duties

With A Diverse Resume

​Our Work Includes:

  • A full compliance tax assurance service to prepare tax returns for individuals, companies, trusts etc.;

  • Particular focus on Indigenous Corporations and associated entities including advice on structuring and taxation concessions;

  • Tax advice and wealth planning for high-net worth individuals and families; and

  • Employees’ incentive schemes including Salary Sacrifice options.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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