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MLCS Corporate treats each assignment differently, tailoring it to the client needs and compliance requirement. We are experienced in providing these services to all styles of enterprises from large integrated corporate groups, to not-for-profits, to small organisations requiring audit sign off. We have developed a niche in the not-for-profit sector, and in particular Indigenous groups.


Because each enterprise is unique, MLCS Corporate realised a “one size fits all” approach rarely works, especially with the clients we tend to work with. That is why we put a specific team together for each engagement, the members of which bring skills and cohesion to the task.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

- Antoine de Saint-Expury

The right advice at the right time can make an enormous difference"

- Anonymous

MLCS Corporate takes pride in applying risk-based processes and apply our knowledge to your business.


This involves the development of a risk matrix to determine the overall audit risk as a result of the interaction between control risk, fraud risk and inherent risk.

Prompt identification and communication of issues and timely delivery of results eliminate surprises, which promotes more respectful business relationships and improvements in financial reporting.

MLCS Audit Assurance services include:

External & Internal Audit

MLCS Corporate Banner Photos - 274418180
MLCS Corporate Banner Photos - 274418180
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